The Metric Handbook is the major handbook of planning and design information for general design data on human dimensions and space requirements. METRIC HANDBOOK Planning and Design Data EDITED BY David Adler Architectural Press OXFORD AUCKLAND BOSTON JOHANNESBURG MELBOURNE. Metric Handbook CD-ROM. Planning and Design Data. David Adler BSc DIC CEng MICE. Civil Engineering Consultant is an invaluable time-saving tool for.

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Metric handbook - planning and design data. 3rd edition. Part 0 - Contents, preface and acknowledgements. (1 of 48) - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . Mar 5, Metric Handbook. Planning and Design Data DownloadPDF MB. Significantly updated in reference to the latest construction standards. Significantly updated in reference to the latest construction standards and new building types Sustainable design integrated into chapters throughout Over half of.

The Metric Handbook is the major handbook of planning and design data for architects and architecture students. Covering basic design data for all the major building types it is the ideal starting point for any project.

For each building type, the book gives the basic design requirements and all the principal dimensional data, and succinct guidance on how to use the information and what regulations the designer needs to be aware of. As well as buildings, the Metric Handbook deals with broader aspects of design such as materials, acoustics and lighting, and general design data on human dimensions and space requirements.

The Metric Handbook is the unique reference for solving everyday planning problems. Original text: David Adler and Norman Seward 7. Thermal Environment Phil Jones 9.

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It is a book of computers and CAD are now part of normal life. Libraries Brian Edwards with Ayub Khan Agendas also change and awareness of issues such as ing architect? The Metric Handbook is the major handbook of planning and design information for architects and architecture students.

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