Please find two articles from the Frozen Thoughts magazine Magazine is very useful has very ( KB, views). Frozen Thoughts - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. People normally say that a magazine is interesting to read or provides useful information or tips. But, infinithoughts is the only magazine for which the readers .

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Frozen Thoughts is not just a magazine, but it is a legacy that was created from India and it was celebrated by the World. Frozen Thoughts will always remain. eBook/pdf and create your own New Thought Bible class and explore the. Please find two articles from the Frozen Thoughts magazine Magazine is very useful. Frozen Thoughts Magazine. As the New Year dawns we all are trying a change a thing or two. I know some say what's the big deal about New Year? Yes.

You want something, go get it. People will come and go. You will be discouraged. The world will sometimes be vindictive. You will be judged, belittled and laughed at. Friends will turn into foes. You will have 'You too, Brutus…' moments.

But all-in-all, whether something is a stumbling block or a stepping stone depends on how you use it. Strength of character is born out of the obstacles overcome.

The bullet having left the gun cannot return to the gun. It has to hit the target. A venture begun must be a venture accomplished. Failure is not an option.

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One idea, one thought, one insight, one revelation, one existential intervention, one experience, one incident, one accident, and that's all is required. One human being, in one lifetime, can have a bearing on the rest of the world. Agnes evolved into Mother Teresa.

Readers Speak I lost my dad a year back, got sick with a chronic disease… in simple words, I was living a very sub-human life. Pooja Shah. Readers Speak infinithoughts came into my life in October , accidentally.

Shri Raj Rajeswari S N. Readers Speak Hats off to Mahatria who has gathered a team of such like-minded people whose writings inspire and motivate millions. Vandna Shahi. Share your experience today Write to mybreakthrough infinitheism. Explore Latest Edition Feb Handwritten message VIEW.

Frozen Thoughts Magazine - Doc Download

Destiny designing VIEW. Life is all about relationships VIEW. A breakthrough VIEW. Life is a puzzle… Mahatria speaks to gen next VIEW.


Hand written messages "Even a simple phenomenon, when viewed with heightened awareness, can unfold new avenues of learning. Life is all about relationships My father, over the past few years, has become non-functional - both at home and at work. A breakthrough In most situations, I am unable to understand people.

Life is a puzzle… …with a solution I am a first-generation entrepreneur. Mahatria speaks to gen next Editorial Recommends. Memories Last ForEver Can we give our children a childhood worth cherishing? Is Empathy Enough? Is it enough to look from others' perspective? V R Devika- Cultural Activist.

To Lead. Say Goodbye to Tech Addiction As we increasingly keep staring at the screens of our digital devices, we end up harming ourselves — our health, work and relationships. Never Ever Waste And we need to spread the word to those around us. TO Lead. Take heart again! Lift Yourself by Yourself Unless we desire to change and make that change, no amount of teachings or doctrines can help us. Help or Hindrance?

Experience is good as long as we don't look at it from the narrow prism of ego!

On Questions and Answers - Life is constantly throwing questions at us. And, the more we question, the more we learn. To Love. What is the Purpose of Love? Haven't we all pondered about the meaning of love? Well, love can be everywhere! This gave him great freedom in most of his relationships. She dragged herself a. Avyakta could do anything. And out of this freedom. Unusually a sultry morning. The green on the blue tone of your talk on the phone.

With her back rested on the parapet she sat in a way she could look into the eyes of her father. Beware my child. And Dolly. Avyakta's weakness for disposition. Your heart must be dancing. The higher you go.

Avyakta continued. He cannot say 'No' chai. Do you know how many celebrities succumbed to various forms of intoxications because they could not handle the magnitude of their success?

Frozen Thoughts

Placing the tea cup back on the Avyakta's focus shifted back to his garden bench. I know it is typical to assume. To her. Some accounts are overdrawn. I know these are very special moments of celebration for you. Let success not make my sweetheart into a bitter-heart. Avyakta said.

Here Chickens. It is a responsibility. The invitation of love and affection that was flowing through Avyakta's eyes drew Dolly once again close to him. Success is not a status. Your next promotion is not a status. All of us are made by others.

It is time to product of huge investment. After all.

Frozen Thoughts Magazine - Doc Download

Her hands were once again on Avyakta. We are mere instruments of success. I have always shared with you the ingredients of success. In truth. To me success will also mean that I should progressively become a worthy instrument of the collective force called 'success' and eventually. The parrots were back on the neem tree. A pinch on her cheeks. You have to be the one that's worthy of being the instrument of success. I am not taking away any credit from you for what you have produced.

I should become more and more responsible to not only lift myself. Frozen Thoughts july 18 good enough and that's why they are giving me a feedback'. Being elected as a Rotary President only means that you are responsible to ensure that the resources that are at your disposal will serve the right social needs during your tenure.

See yourself as an instrument and your life will be all music. The success we produce is just our way of justifying the investments that have been made on us.

Between Dolly and Avyakta. Aspiring to be successful. Being made the captain of an Indian cricket team only means now you are responsible for the aspirations and sentiments of a billion people.Is it possible to understand people?

See yourself as an instrument and your life will be all music. One of the unique features of infinithoughts is explaining profound aspects of life in simple language. In those relationships, even trifle issues are major. To Lead. Get Published Send in your entries. I thought of everything I knew about them: Jase was Margo Roth.

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