In the New York Times bestselling sequel to Soman Chainani's debut, The School for Good and Evil, Sophie and Agatha are back in Gavaldon, living out their. Start by marking “A World Without Princes (The School for Good and Evil, #2)” as Want to Read: See all 16 questions about A World Without Princes. YA Buddy Readers': A World Without Princes by Soman Chainani - Restarting November 20th Best friends Sophie and Agatha return to the spectacular world where the only way out of a fairy tale is to live through one. Together, they have the strength to.

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Sophie Makes a Wish. There is an uneasiness that remains after your best friend tries to kill you. But as Agatha gazed out at her and Sophie's golden statues. A World Without Princes The School for Good and Evil Series, Book 2 (eBook): Chainani, Soman: It's all happy ever after in the School for Good and Evil or is. The School for Good and Evil A World without Princes by Soman Chainani When best friends Sophie and Agatha return to a fairy tale world, they find that old.

However, she is thought to be an attacker, causing her to be bombarded by stones and rocks. Stefan runs after her, as he goes to attack her. When Agatha reveals it is her, she promises Stefan she will bring back his daughter and escapes into the forest.

Agatha encounters snakes which trap her to a tree and almost strangle her to death , before noticing her fingerglow is gold, and more importantly, glows when she thinks about Tedros. She continues on her way until she finds a moat with seemingly white crocodiles in it that ear a female deer as a pair of deer attempt to cross it. Finally, she finds Sophie, with her outfit covered in blood.

She hides Agatha but the attackers- men with red hoods- see them and chase them. They come to a fork in the road and take the one with the blue butterflies. The butterflies lead them to the Flowerground.

The ticket taker asks for their tickets, but because they don't have any, Agatha frantically threatens him. Vines then pick up the two and carry them along the railroad, where they witness 'Ever' women talking to one another as men sit alone.

The red hooded men catch up to them, but they fall into a field of flowers where Lady Lesso and Professor Dovey find them. They tell the girls that one of them has made a wish and has caused their story's original ending to be erased. Sophie denies making a wish, but Agatha couldn't lie and admits that she was longing for a prince.

See a Problem?

The two are also informed that Tedros has now become the School Master. The only way to avoid war is for Agatha to pick either Sophie, or Tedros.

If she picks Sophie, they can go home. If she picks Tedros, Sophie will go home. Either way, everything will be back to normal. But they must get their hands on the Storian to write "The End" and make their wishes of being together. If not, a war will start between boys and girls. The meeting is interrupted by Evelyn Sader , Professor Sader's half sister.

She introduces herself as the Dean of the School for Girls. She takes them to the Welcoming, where the girls perform a dance for them and present them with gifts. Sophie begins to think that this is the world that they deserve, whilst Agatha disagrees. The girls then rip off their veils, showing familiar faces, even if they have changed. Agatha speaks to Hester, Anadil and Dot, who all tell her that the only way to fix everything is for her to kiss Tedros.

Despite the fact that the three witches hate boys, they still believe that boys are necessary and it is unfair to neglect them. Hester also wants to be class captain at the School for Evil, which is impossible when the school doesn't exist. Agatha reluctantly agrees to go see Tedros.

A World without Princes

While in class, Agatha sees Tedros as a spirit, he tells her to cross the halfway bridge to visit him. She informs Hester , Anadil and Dot. She also tells them she saw a wart forming on Sophie, leading them to believe that Sophie is turning into a witch.

Their suspicions grow as Sophie kills a phantom pigeon in class when she fails to become human again. Because she gets very low scores during the day, she and Dot are required to guard the Girl's Gates.

Agatha discovers that the bridge has been destroyed but still tries to cross it due to her faith in Tedros. She goes up to the School Master's tower after being captured.

Unknown to her friend, Sophie follows Agatha, transmogrifying into a bird to get to the School for Boys. A mogrif shield laced around the school hinders her and sends Sophie in a pit full of snakes.

As Aric and the others charge, she uses the snakes' skins to make an invisibility cape. Tedros and Agatha are left seemingly alone, despite Sophie's presence, and begin to talk.


While both are happy to see the other, Tedros is worried Agatha is deceiving him and that Sophie is there. Agatha desperately tries to convince him she is there alone. However, Sophie followers her into the school. When Agatha confronts Tedros and decides to kiss him, Sophie fires a spell between the two. An angry Agatha leavesTedros.

Tedros is convinced by Aric, his right hand man, that Agatha had brought Sophie with her to kill him. This sparks the true war between the boys and the girls. Tedros calls for a trial to determine who will win.

The School for Good and Evil #2: A World Without Princes

Ten girls and ten boys will participate. The Dean decides to go ahead with the trial and announces that Agatha and Sophie are guaranteed two spots on the trial team. The other girls compete for the remaining eight spots through various challenges.

However, the teachers take control of the school from Tedros. Evelyn tells the story of King Arthur and his wife Guinevere. Guinevere cheated on the King after he forced her to marry him. Then King Arthur attacks Lancelot. Agatha and the girls realize that Helga, a female gnome, is actually Yuba, their previous male professor who is using the spell to keep himself hidden within the School for Girls.

The girls confront Yuba and learn that he helped Merlin create the spell. However, Yuba only has enough of the potion remaining to turn one girl into a boy for three days. He stages a challenge to determine which girl would be the best for the role.

All but Sophie fail, and Sophie takes the potion. Yuba and Agatha send her across the water, where Sophie wakes up in her new boy body. She tells the professors that her name is Filip of Mount Honora.

The School for Good and Evil #2: A World Without Princes

Filip is placed with Tedros in the Doom Room. The person who scores the lowest between the two of them will be punished. Free to make his own decisions. Sophie shoved Agatha music.

But after so many children lost forever, so many families torn apart, two girls had found their way back. People wanted to kiss them, touch them, build statues for them, as if they were gods fallen to earth.

To satisfy demand, the Council of Elders suggested they hold supervised autograph signings in the church after Sunday services. Indeed, in those first months, Agatha did daily interviews for the town scroll, let Sophie dress her up and slather her with makeup, and politely endured the young children her friend loathed. She noticed Agatha smile at a boy as she autographed his copy of King Arthur.I also didn't like the flip-flopping she would sometimes do.

Myth-Making and History by N. The ticket taker asks for their tickets, but because they don't have any, Agatha frantically threatens him. At Peleliu and Okinawa by E. Sophie believes that she can find Happily Ever After with him instead of Tedros, but upon kissing him, she heartrendingly remembers Nevers are incapable of love.

When Stefan goes to kiss Honora, Agatha makes a wish, causing her finger to glow gold. As he watched Agatha slip on her old, saggy black dress, Reaper growled suspiciously, sucking on a few trout bones across the leaky room.

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