Editorial Reviews. Review. “While NFC is a very specific and limited protocol, the fact that this site Store · site eBooks · Engineering & Transportation. Near Field Communication: From Theory to Practice standards of Near Field Communication (NFC)by NFC Lab – Istanbul research centre. This book provides the technical essentials, state-of-the-art knowledge, business ecosystem and standards of Near Field Communication (NFC)by NFC Lab.

Near Field Communication (nfc) From Theory To Practice Ebook

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Download Near Field Communication (NFC): From Theory to Practice by Vedat Coskun,Kerem Ok,Busra Ozdenizci PDF. By Vedat Coskun,Kerem Ok,Busra. This book provides the technical essentials, state-of-the-art knowledge, business ecosystem and standards of Near Field Communication. Read "Near Field Communication (NFC) From Theory to Practice" by Vedat Coskun available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first.

The pioneering work on NFC began about a decade ago, as covered by our previous review on the topic [ 3 ]. We observed the growing momentum in the technology, including technical aspects, application development efforts, SE alternative proposals, and new ecosystem models, which motivated us to provide an up-to-date study.

The main objective of our current study is to provide insights into what has been happening in all aspects of NFC technology and address open research areas for further improvement. This survey is based on articles in journals and mostly conference proceeding papers.

We exclude some writings published as editorials, news reports, book reviews, or white papers. Sometimes the abstract, but mostly the full text of each article was read to identify whether the article had high relevance to NFC.

The literature review strategy followed for this study was an iterative process, hence, we tried to find and add new studies about NFC to the survey.

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In conjunction with the above-mentioned objective, the remainder of this study is organized based on the major research areas of NFC technology: in Section 2 , we present the NFC technology, NFC communication, and related studies.

Section 4 contains the applications and services making use of NFC technology. In Section 7 ecosystem and business models for NFC technology are reviewed. Concurrently, we provide useful guidelines and mention open research issues for the reader at the end of each section. NFC Technology Essentials NFC technology is a short-range half duplex communication, which was jointly developed by Philips and Sony in late for contactless communications.

NFC relies on the inductive coupling principle between transmitting and receiving devices, and differs from far field RF communication, which is used for longer-range wireless applications. We provide an account of NFC technology in this section. NFC as a Contributor Technology A sensor is a device that aims to detect some event or characteristics of its environment. Analogous to the Internet of computers, sensor technology has the capability to provide a large network of sensors with the ability to obtain data from the environment and process it afterwards [ 4 ] in areas including air, ground, water, and even underwater [ 5 , 6 ].

The idea of IoT arose in this way, as being the concept of variety of things, which interact with each other to reach some common goals [ 7 ]. UbiComp refers to the next level of interaction between human and computers, where computing devices are completely integrated into our everyday life and objects around.

UbiComp is a model in which human beings do not design their activities according to the machines, instead, machines change their forms to adjust to human behaviors [ 8 ].

AmI also has a crucial role in UbiComp, especially in living environments such as homes. By embedding technology into objects, AmI establishes effortless interaction and enables information to be accessed anywhere and anytime [ 9 ].

Ubiquitous communication including NFC technology is also one of the primary technologies that promote AmI [ 10 ]. IoT, UbiComp, Smart Environment, and AmI are some conceptual responses those are provided by the scientists in response to the public need to simplify their lives to technology. Herein, NFC technology plays an important role in promoting almost all of those concepts.

NFC technology brings ease of use, provides physical object elimination, enables implicit coupling, and much more. Each smart classroom is equipped with NFC tags and readers to collect real-time information and to manage these smart classrooms accordingly.

Another study [ 11 ] defines the education system called NFC Mobiquitous—mobile and ubiquitous—Learning System MoLS where course contents are accessible by anyone, anytime, and anywhere with a simple interaction of NFC tags and smartphones. It also offers comprehensive information as well as use case studies for each NFC operating mode to give the usage idea behind each operating mode thoroughly. Examples of NFC application development are provided using Java technology, and security considerations are discussed in detail.

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Near field communication : from theory to practice

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Near Field Communication (NFC): From Theory to Practice

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Sassan Ahmadi. Key Features: Offers a complete understanding of the NFC technology, including standards, technical essentials, operating modes, application development with Java, security and privacy, business ecosystem analysis Provides analysis, design as well as development guidance for professionals from administrative and technical perspectives Discusses methods, techniques and modelling support including UML are demonstrated with real cases Contains case studies such as payment, ticketing, social networking and remote shopping This book will be an invaluable guide for business and ecosystem analysts, project managers, mobile commerce consultants, system and application developers, mobile developers and practitioners.

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