Cambridge Flyers 6 Student's Book - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Practise and Pass Pupils Book FLYERS Tu Trang 1 Cambridge Flyers 6 Student s Book (1) - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Flyers 6 Student's Book: Examination Papers from University of Cambridge ESOL Flyers 4 Answer Booklet: Examination Papers from the University of.

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82 p. 3 теста задания на говорение. Cambridge Young Learners English Tests. Flyers 6. Student s Book. Файлы. Академическая и специальная литература. Fun for Flyers | Fourth edition of the full-colour Cambridge English: Young Student's Book with Online Activities with Audio and Home Fun Booklet 6 Grammar and vocabulary activities get students practising online in their own time via an. Word List Picture Book for Starters, Movers, Flyers To see free . [Cambridge] STORYFUN 2nd edition | ○ Starters ○ Movers ○ Flyers Student's.

What do you and your friends like chatting about? Where do you like going with your friends? Which clothes do you like wearing most? What's your favourite colour? Let's say! I like jeans and T-shirts best. Our favourite place is the playground. We can't do that in the lessons. Our newest apps and the people in our class at school.

I ride my bicycle, but not every day. No, my friend likes yellow most.

I A Write letters to make words under the pictures. Where do we wear these? You wear this over other clothes when you go outside. Women often carry this. They put things like pens and keys in it. Some school children have to wear this when they go to school. It's a good idea to wear this on your head when you're cycling. When you want to know the time, look at this. Lots of people put these on their feet before they do sports. When it rains, you can open this so you don't get wet.

Some have little wheels. Some people wear this round the top of their trousers or skirt. We put these on our hands in cold weather.

If you're wearing trousers, you can keep small things in these. Look and read. Circle the correct word. Three I four long, thin flags are flying in the wind.

One person is carrying a big plate with fruit I noodles on it. The man with the message is wearing boots on his knees I feet. You can see a large round I square table in the castle garden. The king has a wonderful gold crown I hat on the top of his head. Listen and draw lines. Answer the questions. What is the name of the castle?

Who listens to the king's secrets? Who is the queen's best friend? Who is the important letter for? Why are you together? B Complete the sentences about the second picture. Use 1, 2 or 3 words. There's one boat and ifs got three green flags with The man with the beard isn't wearing The boys are carrying large The child who's wearing pink and yellow shorts is Example 1 2 3 4 5 C Look at the pictures in A and B.

What differences can you see? D Look at the picture. Write your own answers to the questions. Write one sentence about the picture at the end. Why is one of the passengers crying? What's in the suitcases? What's the man reading about? What song is the boy in the jacket listening to? Write about the passengers or the airpor t building. Listen and colour and write. D Ask and answer questions about different classes. How many desks? E Let's do a pair dictation!

Example Place: Talk about your school trip! Look at the picture and write words. Find 16 more things that begin with the same first letter! C comic and Choose the correct words a. What's my word?

Cows eat it! It's under your feet when you walk on the beach. They're like towns but smaller. They sometimes fall off trees. When it rains, this is grey and has lots of clouds in it.

Choose the best answer. Hello, Alice! How are you? Is everything OK? Are you camping next to a lake again? Who else is there with you? Are there any wild animals? Where do you sleep at night? What about the weather? A I'd like to take the dog for a walk. B We're having a wonderful time, thanks! Example C My parents, but there are several other people here, too. D It changes from cold at night to very hot in the day.

E We've got tents that have special camping beds inside them. F But the water's warm because it was so sunny. G That's right. This one's in Yellow Hill Desert, actually.

H I've seen a crocodile in a river near here. What's in each rucksack? Moving dictation. A journey into space Complete the sentences about the picture with words from the box. Choose the right words and write them on the lines. Our planet Example The planet we live Earth is one of the eight 1 planets But now, 3 lots any no 4 special cameras in space can But pictures of Earth don't only help us to make maps.

When we look at Travelling in space and exploring other planets 9 teaches E a Listen and write names, then colour the planets. Use words from A to complete the sentences. If it snows, I'd like to Look at the picture.

Listen to the first half of the story. What did you hear?

Sue Robert Michael Vicky Who is frightened about something? Sue Robert Michael Vicky Which person is getting cold? Sue Robert Michael Vicky Whose house can the friends go to? Sue's Robert's Michael's Vicky's Which picture comes next?

G Look at the last picture and tell the end of the story. Find the answers in the word wheels. Put me on your bread! B Read and guess what Julia is talking about - pasta, sandwiches or fries?

Put it carefully into very hot water and cook it for between five and nine minutes. Some people like making hot ones with cheese or meat inside. Complete the sentences about the other food. People eat them with food like How often do you E Now answer the questions. Draw a circle round a, b or c. You often see wild in of on swans on lakes or rivers. Most swans are white, 1 but you can Swans look lovely but be careful if one If a swan 2 comes coming came 3 suddenly Swans have really strong wings!

In a river. Swans live together in pairs or families. Young swans don't usually leave their parents Some swans don't like winter weather so 7 when it starts getting colder, Listen and order the pictures Mary ate all of Mum's meat at midnight on Monday!

Tom had too many tomatoes at ten o'clock on Tuesday! William had some wonderful watermelon on Wednesday! Tony took tea to his thirsty teacher at teatime on T hursda!

Fred had fish fingers and fries at five o'clock on Frida! S ophia Who cooks most of trle. Wha,es HOtAr fa,vourile food. TeU me abolA t tr! Write what you can see. Add one word to each sentence. This is often made of metal. You use it to cut meat. Mine does. B Look at the pictures and tell the story.

Write words to complete the sentences. Use 1, 2, 3 or 4 words. That is such a good idea! Lucy West likes being an office manager, but when it's hot and sunny she looks out of the window at the view and dreams of holidays in the countryside. Last Thursday morning, the weather was wonderful. But there was so much work to do.

Lucy turned on her computer and started answering lots of important emails. At twelve o'clock she said to Alice, a designer who worked in the room as well, 'We need a holiday! But we can't leave the office. What shall we do? Alice fetched a huge plate, two glasses and a cold bottle of lemonade from the office kitchen and then took some cheese, olives and cookies from her shopping bag.

Alice played a CD of wild birds singing and the warm light from the sun came through the open office window. The women sat on the blanket, had their picnic, closed their eyes and dreamed of being in the countryside. It was difficult to start work again that afternoon! When Lucy got home her husband asked, 'Was it busy in the office today?

I wrote emails and fixed a computer program and Alice finished her project,' she laughed. She's an office Lucy looks out of the window when it's Questions 1 The Write the jobs. Write the jobs from the crossword. This person finds out about things that happen and then writes about them for newspapers and different television channels. This person works in an office and helps other people to work well.

This person makes delicious things for people to eat in restaurants. You go to see these people if you are ill. If you are feeling sick or sore, they give you the right medicine. This person can repair your car if there's a problem with its engine. These people act on a theatre stage and people go to watch them. Listen and write the numbers of the job in A. Which is the worst?

Write the jobs next to the numbers. Listen and write a letter in each box. Find the correct answers in A.

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Write 2, 3 and 4 in the boxes in A. Wrate the correct word next to the numbers Example classmates family borrowing later art hour factory skiing fetch use 0 Michael is in London.

He flew there last week with some of his They're having English lessons at a college in the city centre. He's talking and sending messages to the other people in his family on the internet. He does this in his afternoon lesson break. His mother, Mary, is a businesswoman.

She's visiting a 2. His sister, Emma, is in another country too. Michael's family had to think carefully about a good time to talk to each other because the time is different in each of the four countries.

Back at home, his dad turns on the computer at 7 p. After a day in the m9untains, Emma goes online in her hotel at 5 p. Where she is, it's 1 a. J Example What's Kim's job? Which job have I drawn? Example light candy hear decide project asleep building explore hurry scary Daisy Brown had a little brother called Hugo who made her angry!

Hugo was only five but he never, never stopped asking questions! How long is a dinosaur's tail, Aunt Sally? Why can dogs' ears Why do frogs live in ponds, Dad? Why have tigers got striped bodies, Daisy? Let's go inside! I can get some ideas for my next science 4l Tick one box.

G Write the correct question words after numbers Ask your friends the questions! Name Example. Did you cycle? Seven o'cloc k? Too much? Every day? D Write questions! Answer questions! Questions mingle. B Read the story. Choose words from the phone.

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Write the correct words next to numbers I hope it didn't fall out through this hole! I can't I have to look at that 4.

There's also that brilliant new e-book that Michael told me about. It's so exciting! I wanted to read that this evening. So where is it?

ISBN 13: 9781316617588

It's in my trouser pocket! Hurrayl It's you Holly! Sorry about yesterday Holly changes finds headteacher. Charlie I turns on j then I sends his rucksack. Mrs Hope I loses I repairs I her phone. C When did these things happen? Write years. The verb-noun chain. Example There are usually days in this. Put the words in the spring, summer, autumn or winter boxes.

Example Uncle George is amazing! This afternoon, he drove me They cycled there today on their new First, we made boats from an old newspaper and then sailed It's not deep there. The boat 4 moved fast because it After that, we went fishing. We were lucky as well! We caught four fish!

We all had a really wonderful time. Match the drawings and numbers. The youngest and the oldest. Here's some interesting information. Did Example you The youngest golfer to hit a golf ball all 2 the way to the flag Matthew hit the ball 3 metres Sydney Ling was only 13 when he wrote, 5. The 6 film was 92 minutes! Harry Stevens was the oldest person in the world to get married when he became a new 7 husband at the age His 8 new wife was 84!

The oldest person to fly in a plane was 9 Charlotte Hughes It was to fly from London to New York but actually, that wasn't the last time she She travelled by air again when she was ! Example know knew knowing 1 in on at 6 long longer longest 2 be were was 7 with by of 3 but or if 8 instead after already 4 doing does did 9 Someone No-one Anyone 5 because and after 10 flies flew flying D Q Listen and write. Tamae Watanabe 1 Climbed: My lucky number is My birthday is on My telephone number is I think I know English words!

I often travel on the number It takes me My school is And today, I am D years D months and D days old! F Do the birthday puzzle! Choose the correct words and write them on"tf,e lines. B Add information to Mr Wild's business email! You choose! Good morning, Dan! Thanks for your message.

Actually, I've got an engineers'.. Come to my I also want to show you the photos of the 5l I want to look at those, too.

I've got to collect some Bl Enjoy your 9 l It always tastes so good! I've got to hurry to the meeting now. Write about this story. Write 20 or more words. D Two words or one word? The verb-noun chain!

B D Listen to the sentences about picture 1. How is picture 2 different? Example In my pLctv. A gave me a lift 2 Mum drove me to the city centre. B caught 3 Grandma took the wrong bus! C walked across 4 I rode my bike to school last week. D went by helicopter 5 We crossed the desert on foot. E trips 6 We arrived at the airport at six thirty.

F The journey 7 My parents flew to the holiday island. Listen and write a letter A-H in each box. What does Sophia say? Write 1, 2, 3 or 4 words. Why did your uncle go to the airport? He went there to meet.. What's the quickest way to get to the museum?

Going to the museum Where did your uncle lose his money? He dropped it in the Did your uncle enjoy his ride in the helicopter? Of course he did! It was a Did your uncle go to any places which weren't for work? He went to a restaurant one evening by It's his favourite place to eat. Clare and Matt are on their school trip. They're in a really interesting computer science museum. They're sitting at a large table where there are three computers and lots of other things to look at.

Clare and Matt are playing a science game on two of the computers. Their teacher is watching them. Clare and Matt aren't alone. Quite a lot of other children are in the same part of the museum. They're looking at something on the wall. Imagine a picture of Clare and Matt in the museum and answer the questions.

D Q Listen and write yes or no. Mary's naughty friend Mary felt too excited to eat her dinner. She suddenly jumped up from the table and said, Tm going to phone Grandma before I go on my school trip! Tm going to go on a school camping holiday.

My friends and I are going t have lots of fun! Perhaps bears, too! We don't get frightened by things like that! Tell me more! We can clean our dirty faces in the rain! And we have to take things for eating, like forks and spoons, but my friend and I are going to put sweets and chocolate biscuits in our rucksacks too, so we can have midnight snacks. And we're going to put beetles in Nick White's trainers and spiders in his bed!

Tm not going to tell you that, Grandma,' Mary answered. She left the table and went to phone her Questions 1 Mary's grandma felt Topic words! Write one word in each space. I spent most After dinner, we C4. We went to bed really late. Sleeping 6 l It's quite cold m This is our last week of school before the holidays! C 1 Ben: Where do you usually go on holiday? Do you stay in a hotel? What do you have to take with you on holiday, then? What do you do during the day?

This year, we're going to go to London. Have you been there? A science tour two years ago. B What a big building! C I know. It's brilliant, isn't it! We're going to go away. Example D We love looking for wild animals! E Lots of things, like blankets and torches. F No, in a tent. We prefer doing that.

G To the mountains like you did last year. You're so lucky! Can I come too? One afternoon they all sailed to a little island. They took some cheese sandwiches, salad and l Then Emma said to Jim and Alice, 'Let's go for a walk along the sand. We might find something really exciting there. They found a big dark Emma laughed. When they were getting ready to leave, a man suddenly appeared in the entrance. He was wearing black boots and looked very tall.

It's a pirate! It's me! But come on! It's time to go home! Tick v one box. What's Lily going to do today? Tick ti' the boxes. Complete the sentences. Tomorrow is the first day of my holidays! I'm not going to get up until I'm going to have Then I'm going to put on my Then I'm going to go to And I'm not going to go to bed until Bye for now. Read and write names. She can move that anywhere.

At twenty-five to six, who: Example was moving one of the chess pieces? B Look at the picture in A. Answer the questions then write the story.

New Releases. Notify me. These colourful test papers contain engaging activities and attractive illustrations to motivate young learners at this level.

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They also provide an excellent opportunity for children, parents and teachers alike to familiarise themselves with the format of the test. Other books in this series. Add to basket. Cambridge Young Learners English Tests: Student's Pack Petrina Cliff. Teacher's Pack Petrina Cliff.F We went on a school trip to the stadium to meet our city's football team.

Sue's Robert's Michael's Vicky's Which picture comes next?

Marlana Martinelli on May 6, Summer vacation is just around the corner, and while we may dream of lounging on the beach all day, every day, the truth is quite a few teachers continue to work throughout the summer months—many of us as tutors.

That's a really E Read Sam's email to Peter Sun and answer questions.

Create Professional Marketing Materials Design eye-catching flyers and business cards. The family had the wrong suitcase! The story was about a famous queen 4.

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