Muhammad Ali Jinnah was a lawyer, politician and the founder of Pakistan. Jinnah served as Born at Wazir Mansion in Karachi, Jinnah was trained as a barrister at Lincoln's Inn in London. Upon his return to British India, he enrolled at the. Muhammad Ali Jinnah was an influential political leader of India before partition and instrumental in creation of Pakistan. This biography offers. OF the seven brothers and sisters of Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, Miss The thought of doing or sponsoring a biography of her illustrious brother, it.

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Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah as a. Lawyer. Syed Sharifuddin Pirzada∗. Edgar Snow, the well known American author, noted that even if one only. A good and comprehensive academic biography, Jinnah of Pakistan (New. York ) Books published on Jinnah is Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah as. Biographers of Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah often do not according to Fatima, be trusted with the task of writing a biography of the.

Despite the change of scenery, Jinnah continued to prove himself a restless and unruly student. Within just six months he was sent back to Karachi. His mother insisted he attend Sind Madrassa, but Jinnah was expelled for cutting classes to go horseback riding.

Mohammed Ali Jinnah

Fearful of being separated from her son, she persuaded him to marry before leaving for his trip. Presumably she believed his marriage would ensure his eventual return.

Emibai was from the village of Paneli in India, and the wedding took place in her hometown. He departed Karachi in January of Jinnah would never see his wife or his mother again. Attorney After disembarking at Southampton and taking the boat train to Victoria Station, Jinnah rented a hotel room in London.

He would eventually, however, settle at the home of Mrs. Page-Drake of Kensington, who had invited Jinnah to stay as a guest. In addition to fulfilling his formal studies, Jinnah made frequent visits to the House of Commons, where he could observe the powerful British government in action firsthand.

When Jinnah passed his legal exam in May of , he was the youngest ever to have been accepted to the bar. Jinnah would continue to practice as a barrister up through the mids. Now in Bombay, Jinnah began his foray into politics as a liberal nationalist. Jinnah was particularly interested in the politics of India and its lack of strong representation in British Parliament. He was inspired when he saw Dadabhai Naoroji become the first Indian to earn a seat in the House of Commons.

In , Jinnah attended a meeting of the Indian National Congress. In he joined the congress himself. In , Jinnah attended a meeting of the All India Muslim League, prompting him to join the league the following year.

After "Rutti" turned 18 and converted to Islam, the two were married on April 19, As a member of Congress, Jinnah at first collaborated with Hindu leaders as their Ambassador of Hindu Muslim Unity, while working with the Muslim League simultaneously. Gradually, Jinnah realized that the Hindu leaders of Congress held a political agenda that was incongruent with his own. Earlier he had been aligned with their opposition to separate electorates meant to guarantee a fixed percentage of legislative representation for Muslims and Hindus.

But in , Jinnah shifted to the opposite view and began supporting separate electorates.

Died on: September 11 , Karachi, Pakistan. Cause of Death: Trinity College, Oxford, University of Mumbai. The founder and the first Governor General of the state of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah was one of the most influential political leaders in the Indian subcontinent during the British rule.

A lawyer by profession, this eminent politician and statesman held several important positions in his lifetime and gradually became instrumental in creation of Pakistan. During the first part of his political career, he was hailed as an ambassador of Hindu-Muslim unity by prominent leaders as Tilak and Nehru.

Even as the demand for a separate country for Indian Muslims started to surface Jinnah advocated for a unified India as he believed that the Muslim traditions and rights are safe in a unified India.

Jinnah of Pakistan

During the s and s, there came a fundamental shift in his thinking and differences started arising between Jinnah and the congress leaders. He began to drift towards the demand for a separate country for Muslims and successfully negotiated the creation of Pakistan with the British.

Identify These Actors. Quick Facts. Jinnahbhai Poonja mother: Mithibai siblings: Fatima Jinnah , Shireen Jinnah children: Dina Jinnah. Continue Reading Below. Recommended For You.

Fatima Jinnah. Imran Khan.

Pervez Musharraf. Nawaz Sharif. Image Credit. Recommended Lists: University Of Mumbai.

Trinity College, Oxford. Muhammad Ali Jinnah. His parents were from Paneli, Gondal and had shifted to Karachi just a year before his birth. Second of his seven siblings, his family belonged to the creed of Ismaili Khoja of Shia Islam. However, he later became a staunch follower of the Twelver Shi'a teachings. Initially enrolled at Sindh-Madrasa-tul-Islam at the age of six, he soon moved to Bombay with his aunt and is said to have attended either Gokal Das Tej Primary School or perhaps a madrasa.

Later, he attended Cathedral and John Connon School. He had always been an indocile and restless kid and within few months he returned to his parents in Karachi. Male Leaders.

Capricorn Leaders. Pakistani Leaders.

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Pakistani Political Leaders. However, both his mother and Emibai died while he was in England.

An ambitious teenager, he later resigned from the apprenticeship of the shipping company and started pursuing law to become a barrister. He joined the Lincoln's Inn and in was called to the bar in England.

Capricorn Men.

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Beginning of Political Career. Jinnah started practicing law in Bombay at the age of twenty and his career as a barrister started to flourish after he received an invitation from the Advocate General of Bombay, to work from his chambers. In , he was also offered the position of the Bombay Presidency Magistrate, which he served for a short while. Though, he failed to secure a bail for Bal Gangadhar Tilak on the charges of sedition in , he assured an acquittal for him when he was charged again with sedition in He became interested in politics during his frequent visits to the House of Commons while studying at Lincoln's Inn but his actual political affiliation started after he attended the 20th annual meeting of the Indian National Congress in In he joined the Congress and started participating in Indian Independence movement.

He strongly opposed separate electorate for Muslims and was elected to the Imperial Legislative Council as Bombay's Muslim representative in In , he attended a meeting of Muslim League and a year later joined the party while still remaining affiliated to the Congress and tried his best to bring the Congress and the League together.

Muhammad Ali Jinnah

In , he was a member of the delegation sent to England on behalf of Congress, led by Gokhale. He was hailed as an ambassador of Hindu-Muslim unity by the Congress leaders and was immensely admired for his liberal ideologies. The same year he also played a key role in establishing the Home Rule League. He was extremely effective as a parliamentarian and also started working with the Swaraj Party.A lawyer by profession, this eminent politician and statesman held several important positions in his lifetime and gradually became instrumental in creation of Pakistan.

In , he attended a meeting of Muslim League and a year later joined the party while still remaining affiliated to the Congress and tried his best to bring the Congress and the League together. Jinnah was a marvelous speaker and was recognised as a balanced and reasoned debater.

Archived from the original on 15 May Qadir Printers, Karachi. His birthday is considered a national holiday in Pakistan. In , many Indians had risen in revolt against British rule.

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