Jul 12, Inspection Practices for Atmospheric and Low-Pressure Storage Tanks. API RECOMMENDED PRACTICE THIRD EDITION, XXXXX API Recommended Practice Inspection Practices for Atmospheric and Low- Pressure. Storage Tanks. THIRD EDITION | APRIL | 96 PAGES | $ API RP covers the inspection of atmospheric and low-pressure storage tanks .

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API RP Inspection Practices for Atmospheric and Low-Pressure Storage Tanks. Details. Price (USD). Secure PDF. Single User. $ API RP 12R1 . NTTAA requires Federal Agencies to use voluntary consensus standards, encourages participation. • API standards are cited in regulations by agencies. API PDF - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. API .

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In which of the following welds are cracks most likely to occur? Three-plate lap welds Which area of the tank is most likely to be over-stressed? In which of the following areas are cracks least likely to occur?

Around rivet holes Bracket welds Nozzle welds Roof fillet welds Bottom fillet welds Bottom-to-shell weld Horizontal shell welds Vertical shell welds Which of the following can be used to determine the corrosion rate of the tank bottom?

Which of the following is not a cause? Frequent freezing and thawing High tides in tidal areas Marshy areas Venus and Mars are aligned with a full moon Pressure-vacuum vents and flame arrestors can fail to operate for a variety of reasons.

Which of the following is not a common cause of tank settlement? Deposits by birds or insects poop. Corrosion between moving parts Fouled Ice in cold climates Product specific gravity is increased A plugged floating roof drain: Corrosion rates on a tank bottom will increase if the: Use the bottom corrosion rate for a tank built at exactly the same time period.

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Use the bottom corrosion rate for a tank with exactly the same product. Soil-side corrosion on a tank bottom can vary from negligible up to rates approaching: MSTS 10 August Use an average bottom corrosion rate from several tanks with similar product. Similar service is being used to determine the corrosion rate for a tank bottom. Bottom side and top side corrosion rates should be determined independently. Which of the following statements is true?

For new tanks built to API The product in a tank creates: On a foot diameter tank the: MSTS 11 August Which document provides additional guidance on inspecting tank appurtances and accessories?

External CP should be: Which of the following is not a normal outcome from an RBI assessment? The two primary factors of risk are: A large area on a shell course is corroded below acceptable limits.

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Should be evaluated per API Roof supports are normally: Which of the following is not an acceptable option? Replace the corroded area Lower the fill height Change to a product with a lower specific gravity Coat the corroded area with a lining An isolated deep pit in the shell: Safety precautions dealing with tank entry are discussed in: Prior to entering a floating roof tank.

Guidance on how to perform an RBI assessment can be found in: Inspection paint or crayon markers used on SS should be free of: MSTS 13 August Prior to entering a tank. Which document can be used during fitness for service assessments? Which handrail member should be given special attention?

This can be simply solved by: Prior to conducting a tank inspection.


MSTS 14 August Anchor bolts may be subject to what type of degradation? MT or PT. Low spots on a platform that collect water are routine places for corrosion to occur. Crevices in structural members should be checked with: UT or RT. The external joint between the tank floor plate extension and a concrete foundation should be: Blister Bonding failure Holiday Graffiti The resistance in tank grounding should not exceed: Paint blisters occur most often on which of the following tank parts?

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Which document provides information concerning the use of tank grounding to prevent static electricity? Tank grounding connections should be checked: Anchor bolt corrosion below the nut can be checked by using: Which coating problem is the most difficult to detect? At the bottom Near the top Below a horizontal weld seam There is not a typical location for external shell corrosion Anchor bolts Paint under insulation Nozzles Side of the tank with the most sunlight A tank is insulated.

Where is a likely spot for external shell corrosion? What technique s can be used to evaluate condition of insulation by finding insulation hot spots? Where is a typical place for external corrosion on a tank shell? Nozzles Shady side of the tank Sunny side of the tank Top of the tank CUI in carbon steel is most aggressive at a temperature range of: Which of the following is not a cause of corrosion at the bottom of a tank shell?

Stiffeners and wind girders are normally: A very common place for caustic cracking is at: Rigorous hammer testing of the shell should: A tank is in caustic service. What is the best way to take UT thickness readings through a thin-film coating? The upper shell of a floating roof tank has the potential for atmospheric corrosion on both sides. MSTS 17 August If a crack is found in a wind girder. On floating roof tanks with uncoated shells. Remove the coating at the UT location Subtract the thickness of the coating from the UT reading Use a multi-echo thickness scope Let someone else take the reading!

If the metal in the repair area is not thoroughly cleaned and neutralized what might occur during welding? The inspector develops a repair plan to weld these cracks. Hydrogen blistering is most easily found by using: UT scan.

Additional cracking Arc blow Creation of pyrophoric iron Small fire Caustic and amine SCC shows up as: MSTS 18 August During an inspection of a caustic tank. Caustic that seeps out of a tank crack will appear as a: MFL scan. Bottom-to-shell weld Horizontal shell welds Shell-to-Roof weld Vertical shell welds Defective vent Earthquate Exceeded product fill height Settlement Wind When cracking is suspect in an area of tank deformation. Which of the following welds is least likely to crack as the result of tank deformation?

Bulge on the shell Paint is missing Puddle of product at base of the tank Shell discoloration How can rivets be checked for tightness? Hydrogen blistering can easily be found on the shell by: Which of the following is not a cause of tank deformation? Which of the following is not evidence of a tank shell leak?

UT A-scan. A floating roof tank is in a volatile service and is half full. Personnel on the roof must be tied off to the shell. When walking on the floating roof. A floating roof tank is in a volatile service. A suitable means of determining the overall integrity of the roof is: Perform a couple of spot UTs on the roof prior to walking on the roof.

Hammer testing the roof: When walking on a roof.

Inspection of Existing Atmospheric and Low-pressure Storage Tanks, Third Edition

UT examination or MFL. Planks used as a walkway on the roof should span at least: MSTS 20 August Inexpensive to perform c.

Significant portion of floor can be examined d. Thickness reading is highly accurate A tank is lifted in order to repair the tanks foundation. Based on this activity, which of the following is correct?

The tank will probably need to be hydrotested b. The foundation will need to be spark tested c. This repair must be approved by the inspector and engineer d. The owner elects to tunnel under a tank to see a portion of the bottom side of the tank.Plumb check b.

Water d. Putty c.

Large Guide to move smoothly d. Inspection procedure c. Which part of the tank shell is considered the highest stressed? All of the above 6 API A plugged floating roof drain: a. Chloride stress corrosion cracking Dirt in the water that will settle on the tank floor Flange rating of the nozzle flanges Oxygen pitting in the vapor space If substituting an air-test for a tank hydrotest the air pressure should not exceed:

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