Download The Dragon (pdf) by Evgeny Shvarts as bad as the dragon, and Lancelot has to save Evgeny Lvovitch Schwartz was a Soviet writer and playwright. By Eugene Schwartz. “The Dragon” is a play written by the Russian writer Eugene Shwartz in , when the war was on and the fates of the entire world hung. Download The Dragon book - Evgeny Download PDF lines) from The Dragon The Russian writer Yevgeny Schwartz is not well known in the UK.

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The Dragon A fairy tale in three acts Characters: The Dragon. Lancelot. Charlemagne – the archivist. Elza – his daughter. The Burgomaster. Heinrich – his son. E. L. Schwarz. Dragon. A fairy tale in 3 acts. Translated from Russian by Yuri Machkasov. Dragon. Lancelot. Charlemagne - the archivist. Elsa - his daughter . It is almost four hundred years now that there's a dragon living over our town. Evgeny L. Schwarz ( or ) is a Soviet playwright and author of . Free PDF Books You Must Read Before You Die Franz Maxim Willa Herman Michael Thomas Yevgeny E.M. Raymond Italo Jean Aldous Lynne Sharon Schwartz, Ruined by Reading: A Life in Books Kate Simon, Bronx .. Mr. Popper's Penguins by Richard Atwater My Father's Dragon by Ruth Stiles.

I am not just your average citizen, see. I am the burgomaster. I distaste it. I loathe it. Do you know what that pesky truth smells like? Enough about that. Hail dragon! The Sentry on the tower strikes his lance against the floor. Eyes to the sky! His excellency the dragon has appeared over the Gray mountains! Heinrich and Burgomaster snap to attention, turning their heads skywards.

A distant rumble is heard, which gradually dies down. At ease! His excellency has turned away and disappeared among flames and smoke!


Listen, now you tell me one little itty-bitty thing. The dragon, he really did not give any orders? No killing, then? Killing who? Our dear savior, who else. Keeping hush, are you? I understand. Business is business, nothing you can do about it.

Let me remind you, Mr. Burgomaster, that in a few minutes the festive ceremony of conferring of the weapons upon our Mr. Hero there is scheduled to take place. All right, all right. Satisfaction guaranteed. Tie up my sleeves.


Here he comes! Here comes Lancelot! Take him away from here. Elsa is coming, and I need a talk with her. Enter Lancelot. Glory, glory, halleluja, St. George, the Victory Bringer!

Oops, sorry. For a moment there, I could swear I saw a resemblance. So, how did you pass the night? Walking around. Your anxious citizens would sic their dogs on me. They understood me, because they love their masters and wish them well.

We talked until dawn. Picked up any fleas? Those were very nice, clean mutts. Do you remember their names, by any chance? They asked not to tell. Your loss. Such simple creatures. The dogs know full well what kind of people their masters are.

They weep, but they still love. Did you send after me? After me, the stork exclaimed as he speared the snake with his sharp beak. After me, said the king looking back at his queen. After me the lasses came flying astride elegant canes. In short, yes, I did send after you, Mr. What can I do for you? Wild geese are flying over the cradle at sunset. The town council is waiting for you to appear at its session. Why do linden trees grow on the Dragonpaw street?

Why dance when you want to kiss? Why kiss when the horses are waiting? Members of the town council need to see you in person to figure out what kind of weapon will be most appropriate for you. Exit Burgomaster and Lancelot. Old man dragon had a cow, e-i-e-i-o. He said "We'll see about that now", e-i-e-i-o… Puff the magic dragon said "Just wait and see"… We shall wait and see, we shall wait and see… Enter Elsa.

I am here. I did. If not for that extremely annoying circumstance, I would have embraced and kissed you. And I would have punched you. Ah, Elsa. You always were a little too virtuous. But it suited you, it did. Puff has an eye for girls. He always chose the ones with the most potential, that naughty noggins.

Is Lancelot hitting after you yet? Shut up. We have just met. Did you bring me here only to say all of this? I brought you here to ask — will you marry me? Stop it! I am serious. I am authorized to inform you of the following: if you are going to be dutiful and kill Lancelot when needed, Puff will let you go free as a reward. Let me finish. Instead of you another girl will be selected.

I know all of his weaknesses. Is that why he was threatening yesterday and bargaining today? That is my victory. I am the real dragon slayer, if you wish. I can solicit anything. I was just waiting for my chance, and here it came. I am not so stupid as to concede you to anyone.

Yes, you do. It does not matter, I cannot kill a person! I can see it attached to your belt. I have to go, dear, to put on my ceremonial livery. But I am sure of you.

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Life, entire life is before us just for the asking. Think about it, my precious. Exit Heinrich. Oh my god. My cheeks are flushed as if I were kissing him. How shameful! So be it. Very well. I was the most obedient girl in town. I believed everything. And what did it get me? Sure, everyone respected me, but happiness would always come to someone else. They are sitting now in their houses, selecting their most festive frocks, ironing the lace.

Putting on their curls. They are going out to admire my misfortune. I can just see them sitting in front of their mirrors with their powder boxes, saying "Poor Elsa! That poor girl, she was ever so nice! And that idiot guard is gawking at me thinking what the dragon is going to do to me today. He will go to the waterfall, where the river is so joyful that even the gloomiest people cannot but smile looking at how merrily it jumps.

Or he might go to the park, where the gardener have grown a patch of wonderful black-eyed Susans that can squint, wink at you and even read, provided the book is written in big letters and has a happy ending.

Or he would go rowing on the lake that the dragon boiled, where the mermaids are so gentle since then. But they are still beautiful, and soldiers like chatting with them. And this stupid soldier would tell the mermaids how the happy music was playing, and everyone was crying, and the dragon was taking me to his cave. I want to see everything, hear everything, feel everything. I want to be happy! I brought the knife to kill myself.

Lancelot walks out of the town hall. My sweet lady, I had such a hard day that my soul is simply crying out for some rest, if only for a moment. And here I meet you, as if on purpose.

Were you at the meeting? I was. Why did they ask you there? They offered me money if I would drop out of the fight. And what did you tell them? I told them: you poor fools! Elsa, you look even more beautiful today than you did yesterday.

This is a sure sign that I really do like you. Do you believe I will save you? And I am not offended by that. This shows how much I like you, I guess.

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Here we are. We were so close for so many years, since we were little. She was the smartest. She was the nicest. And still she would care about us so much. Are we late? Are you really going to fight him? Mister Lancelot, can you arrange it so that they let us on the roof of the town hall? They would not dare to turn you down if you asked them. We so want to see the fight up close. You think we are not letting you say goodbye to Elsa on purpose. But we are not. Heinrich ordered us not to leave the two of you alone until sir dragon allows it.

He told us to keep chatting. So here we are, chatting like idiots.

Because otherwise we would have had to cry. Charlemagne walks out of the town hall. The meeting has ended, Mr. The decision concerning your weapons has been made. Please forgive us. Please take pity on us, the poor murderers, Mr. Trumpets sound. Servants quickly file out of the town hall, laying out the carpets and setting the chairs. They put a large, very ornate chair in the middle, with simpler chairs to the left and right of it. Burgomaster walks out, surrounded by town council members.

Heinrich, dressed in livery, is accompanying them. That is a very funny joke… How did she go? Have you heard this one? Very funny. One gypsy got his head chopped off… Trumpets. Remind me. City council members stand to the right and left of the big chair in the middle. Heinrich goes behind that chair. Bowing to the empty chair, very quickly Overwhelmed and humbled by the trust that you, your excellency, invest in us by allowing us to adjudicate decisions of such importance, we beseech you to assume the place of the honorary chairman.

Going once, going twice… Dejectedly, we acknowledge the inevitable. Got to carry on by ourselves. Please be seated. I declare this mooting… Pause. A Servant brings up water from the well. Burgomaster drinks. I declare this meddling… Water!

Clears his throat, in a very high-pitched voice I declare in a deep voice this meeting… Water! High voice Thank you, darling! Please don't show me your derision, I just need to read decision. Resolution: provide such, though it pains us greatly. Hey, you there! Get those weapons over here. Enter Servants. First servant hands Lancelot a small copper basin that has thin leather straps attached to it. Why yes, but we have temporarily promoted it to helmet.

This copper tray is appointed a shield. Even things in our town are disciplined and obedient. They will carry out their duties to the best of their abilities. Unfortunately, we have no suits of armor in the town storage. But we do have a spear. Hands Lancelot a piece of paper. This is hereby given to you to certify that the spear is undergoing preventive maintenance at this point, which is affirmed by appropriate signatures and affixing of the town seal. All you have to do is present this to sir dragon during the fight, and everything is going to be just fine.

To the sky! His excellency has appeared over the Gray mountains and is now approaching at enormous speed! All present jump up and freeze with their heads turned skywards. A distant rumble is heard, growing louder by the moment. The stage darkens. Complete darkness. Rumbling suddenly stops. His excellency is floating above us like a storm cloud, obscuring the sun! Two little green points light up.

This is Cat. I am going to be nodding off on the wall. His excellency is dashing heads-long onto the square! A deafening whistle. Lights come on. There is a small, pale, elderly man sitting with his feet in the big chair. He just swaps them when he wants to. Your excellency! There were no extraordinary incidents within the limits of the town entrusted into my care.

One person taken to the precinct. Present are … Dragon. Everyone get lost. Stranger excluded. Everybody leaves. Left on the stage are Lancelot, Dragon and Cat who is sleeping on top of the wall. How are you feeling? What are these pans on the ground? My weapons. Did my people think of that? They did. Those rascals. Lies again. My people are very scary. Solid piece of work. Hewn them myself. If you could see their souls, that would give you a fright. My dear man, I crippled them myself.

Crippled them exactly as required. You see, the human soul is very resilient. Cut the body in half — and the man croaks.

Only in my town. Souls with no hands. Souls with no legs.

Mute souls, deaf souls, chained souls, snitch souls, damned souls. Henry Andr Bram Henryk H. Jekyll and Mr. It is not intended to t's a starting point, not the Final ead. Click "All" to return to the full list. Washington 4. Eliot 7. Watson 8. Mencken Forster White Medawar Wilson Gombrich Thompson Du Bois Moore Yeats Toynbee LOTT HAYEK FLYNN BECK Scott Fitzgerald 2.

Ron Hubbard 4. Tolkie 5. CATCH 7.

Lawrence 9. Ron Hubbard FEAR by L. Scott Fitzgeral Scott Fitzgerald Farrell Eddiso Somerset M Donleavy The Great Gatsby by F. The Catcher in the Rye by J. Salinger 3.

The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck 4. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee 5. The Color Purple by Alice Walker 6. Ulysses by James Joyce 7. I am challenging you to a fight, do you hear? Dragon stands silent, fuming. I am challenging you for the third time, hear? A deafening, horrible triple howl is heard. Despite all its might, it is not without certain musical quality.

There is nothing human in this howl. This is the Dragon screaming, stomping his feet, fists clenched.

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Suddenly cutting the howl short; very calmly You idiot. Wanna say anything? All right, then. With a slight shrug of his shoulders suddenly completely transforms himself. A somber, reserved, highbrowed, narrow-faced graying blond man is standing in front of Lancelot.

Quietly and dryly. Is your name Lancelot? Are you a descendant of the infamous itinerant knight named Lancelot? He is my distant relative. I accept your challenge.

Itinerant knights are like gypsies. You need to be exterminated. I have exterminated: eight hundred and nine knights, nine hundred and five men of undetermined social status, one old drunkard, two loonies, two women — a mother and an aunt of the girls I have chosen, and one adolescent boy of twelve — a brother of similar girl. This list has also been extended by six armies and five rebellious mobs.

Please have a seat. Do you smoke? You may smoke now. Takes out a pipe, starts filling it leisurely with tobacco. Do you know on which day I was born? The day of a great battle.

That day Attila himself was defeated — you understand, of course, how many warriors had to be slain for that to happen? The ground was soaked with blood. The leaves on the trees turned brown by midnight.

By dawn the huge black mushrooms, which they call Gravediggers, sprang up under the trees. And after them, I slithered out from under the ground. I am the offspring of war. I am war. My veins flow with the blood of the dead Huns. This is cold blood. When in battle, I am cold, composed and precise. At the word "precise" Dragon makes a slight movement with his hand.

A thread of flame shoots out of his index finger. It lights up the tobacco in the pipe that Lancelot have filled.

Appreciate it. Draws on the pipe with contentment. You are against me, consequently, you are against war. Not at all. I have been at war for most of my life. You are an outsider, and we have learned to understand each other from ancient times here. The entire town shall look at you with dread and rejoice at your downfall. It will be a demise without honor. Do you understand? I can see you are still resolute. Even more so.

You are a worthy opponent. I will fight you in earnest. This means I am going to kill you immediately. Right now. But I am unarmed! Would you have liked me to give you enough time to arm yourself? I told you I was going to fight you in earnest. Elsa, please fetch a broom! What for? I will presently incinerate this man, and you will sweep his ashes out.

Are you scared of me? I am unfamiliar with fear. Why are you in such a hurry then? Give me until tomorrow.

Why would I want to do that? So that people do not think you a coward. People will know nothing of this. These two will keep their mouths shut. You are going to die now — bravely, quietly and disgracefully. Raises his hand. Hold it! You cannot kill him. What do you mean? Do not be angry, I implore you — you know I am loyal to you with all of my soul.

But I am still an archivist. What does your position has to do with anything? I am in possession of a certain document signed by you three hundred and eighty two years ago. This document had never been rescinded. You see, I am not protesting — I am just refreshing your memory. It is signed, "Dragon". What of it? After all, she is my daughter. To the point. Be it how it may — I object. You may not kill him.

Anyone challenging you shall be secure until the day of the battle, so you write and affirm under oath. And the day of the battle shall be chosen not by you but by the one challenging you, so the document says and it is also affirmed under oath.

And the town shall render him assistance, and no one will be punished — this is also affirmed under oath. When was this document written? Three hundred and eighty two years ago. But the document has not been rescinded. Big deal. Enough about documents. We are all adults here. But you have signed. I can fetch the document real quick. Stay where you are. There came someone who is trying to save my girl. It is permitted.

And being a good host — it is also mostly permitted. Why are you looking at me so horribly? Buries his face in his hands. Cat jumps out of the window in one leap. He is heard hissing from a distance. Dragon breaks into a howl again, it is as loud as before, but this time we distinctly hear moans, coughing and hissing in it.

This is a huge ancient evil monster roaring. Suddenly cutting the roar short. Departs quickly. Immediately loud whistling noise starts behind the door. Walls are shaking, the light blinks. The noise dies down in the distance. What have I done! Whatever have I done! The damned old egoist.

I could not help myself! Elsa, are you angry with me? No, of course not. I suddenly feel very weak. Excuse me. I have to lie down. No, no, you should not accompany me. Stay with our guest. Entertain him with a conversation. He was so nice to us. Exit Charlemagne. Why have you started all this? I am not blaming you, but everything was so clear, so decent. It is not at all frightening to die young. How can you say that! Even trees sigh when we bring them down.

I am not complaining. But he will die exactly when he wants to. If not for me, the dragon would have chosen one of them. How did you know I had one? I could sense that. But to console him, the dragon made Heinrich his personal secretary. In this case, it is not such a tragedy to leave him after all. What about your town? Are you going to miss it? But it is exactly for my town that I am dying.

And does it just casually accept your sacrifice? I will perish on Sunday, but up until the next Tuesday the entire town will be in mourning. For three whole days nobody will eat any meat. And special rolls called "the poor girl" will be served with tea — in honor of me. What else can we do? Kill the dragon. That is impossible. The dragon dislocated your soul, poisoned your mind and obscured your vision. We are going to fix all that. If it is true what you just said about me, I am better off dead.

Cat bursts in. Burgomaster himself is on his way here! How lovely! Hello, Elsa. Here I am. I am afflicted with all of the neurological and psychiatric disorders that exist in the world, and with three more on top of that which were previously unknown. You think maybe that being a burgomaster under the dragon is just a walk in the park? Drinks some water, calms down. The business was in top shape. Sir dragon, by using his considerable influence, was keeping my worthless punk of an assistant under control, and his entire gang of flour merchants along with him.

Now everything is going to be messed up! Sir dragon is going to be preoccupied with the upcoming fight and will disregard the concerns of the town council — just when we started to make progress! How I can get it into your head, you poor man — I am going to save the town! My assistant is such a scoundrel that I will gladly sacrifice not one, but two towns if only I could get rid of him.

Five dragons are better than one bastard like my assistant. I am begging you — please leave? Pretty please? I am having a cataleptic fit. Goes rigid, with a bitter smile on his face. Burgomaster remains silent.

Lancelot sprays him with water. Who asked you to pick a fight with him? The entire town wants that. Oh really?

Look out the window. And where are they? There, beside that wall. Come closer, my friends! Why are they on tiptoes? So as not to get on my nerves. My friends, let us all tell good Mr. Lancelot what is it we want of him. And one! Get away from us!

This instant! Lancelot steps away from the window. Now, if you are a humane, intelligent person, you have to respect the will of the people. Not on your life! Congratulations, I just went a bit crazy. Puts one arm akimbo, bends the other one gracefully. I am a teapot!

Boil me! I think I know why these little people were running on tiptoes. I am just going to have a little chat with them. Runs out. Do not be concerned, my dear Elsa. At the appropriate moment, right on the clock, our dear dragon is going to lock you in his embrace.

Rest assured. I will. There is a knock on the door. Come in. Enter the same Butler that announced the arrival of the dragon. Hello, sonny. Hello, father. Have you brought an order to throw Lancelot in jail? Sir dragon has instructed: one — schedule the fight for tomorrow; two — provide Lancelot with weapons; three — be a little more smart. I have completely lost my marbles. Where are you? Get out of there! I have been ordered to talk to Elsa in private.

Departs hastily. Are you hoping that Lancelot is going to save you? Are you? Me neither. What did the dragon want you to tell me? He wanted me to tell you that you have to kill Lancelot if it becomes necessary. With a knife. Here it is. It is poisoned, by the way.

In response to that, sir dragon directed me to tell you that any hesitation will be punished as insolence. I hate you!

In response to that, sir dragon directed me to tell you that he knows how to reward loyal servants. Lancelot will kill your dragon! Act 2. To the right there is the town hall with a tower, upon which an armed sentry is seen. In the back stands a huge somber brown building with no windows, but with an enormous cast iron door from foundation up to the roof. To the left — a wide ancient wall. There is the town well in the middle with a gazebo and figured railings.

Heinrich, without his livery, is shining the brass fittings on the cast iron door. He said "We'll see about that now", e-i-e-i-o… Puff the magic dragon said "Just wait and see"… Deep in my heart I do believe - we shall wait and see some day! Burgomaster runs out from the town hall. He is in a straightjacket. Are you finished with the council meeting?

You wish! We have worked through the night only to agree on the agenda for the day. What do you think?My dear man, I crippled them myself. Thomas: Treatise on Law. How can you help us? I am going to challenge the dragon! His excellency has turned away and disappeared among flames and smoke! Have a seat, my friend. This is cold blood.

Get out of there! My weapons.

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