Why are PDF files so big?!? They are not easy to email to co-workers and they can take forever to download and view. PDF Shrink makes it easy to optimize PDF. Apago provides innovative software solutions for the manipulation of PDF, PostScript, and Apago is pleased to announce that PDF Shrink is now available. Free Download Apago PDF Shrink - Enables you to shrink the size of PDF files for different environments, including e-mailing, print jobs.

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PDF Shrink can reduce most PDF files - including those created by Mac OS X iLife and . Apago! Are you joking? After downloaded and drag PDF Shrink to. Apago Inc., a software developer for the graphic arts and document management industries, today announces the availability of PDF Shrink Apago has announced the release of PDF Shrink for Windows, bringing the popular Mac utility to Windows users.

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If you're testing different settings, make sure to close that modified file and return to your original before testing new compression settings.

Otherwise, your file could end up doubly compressed, confusing your test results and rendering the images unreadable.

When you think you've arrived at your ideal settings in the PDF Optimizer dialog box, save them as a custom set in Acrobat Pro, apply them to your original file, and then choose Save As from the File menu. Despite all the work you've been doing in the PDF Optimizer, a simple Save As can sometimes save even more space, and better yet, all of its space savings are lossless when you use the Reduce File Size filter.

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If you want the control offered by Acrobat Pro but need more automation options, Apago's PDF Enhancer provides nearly all of Acrobat's optimization controls along with additional PDF manipulation prowess, such as the ability to change page size, set view options, apply layouts such as booklets, stamp files with graphics, and set metadata. Despite the ever-increasing availability of high-bandwidth Internet connections, file size still matters when you're sending e-mail attachments or when you have recipients downloading your files over slow connections.

Take the time to compress your files up front, and you'll reap the rewards of fewer bounced e-mail attachments, faster downloads, and lower bandwidth bills.

The need to reduce the file size of his e-books has forced him to learn more about PDF compression than he ever wanted to know. Acrobat 9 Pro.

Apago debuts PDF Shrink 4.5 for Windows

The Paperless Office. Working With Acrobat 9 Pro. How to selectively delete browsing history. Reduce file size PDFs open and scroll faster Storage needs reduced by 10xx Faster downloads; less bandwidth used. Quality Reduce file size without compromising quality Utilizes new JPEG compression for superior results Select the image quality that matches your requirements.

Security Prevent unauthorized changes to your PDF content. Milford, IA.

Slim Down Your PDFs

Very useful program - Ira L. Solvang, CA. I tried it on a couple of pdf's. PDF Shrink works like a charm and it's affordable!Additionally it allows the user to create PDFs for different uses including sending documents via email and a higher quality setting for preparing files for storage in a CMS.

You can even set a different password to prevent unauthorized people from opening the PDF. Back to Login. Planet PDF. The interface has a modern and straightforward design thus, enabling any type of user to work with this program without encountering issues.

Prevent unauthorized access by adding a password or restrict use by selecting from several options including whether to allow changes, printing and content extraction.

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